How Long Can I Wear a Knee Compression Sleeve?

A knee compression sleeve is designed and intended to be worn when you are active and on your feet. However, you will see in this post that how long you can wear a compression knee sleeve depends a lot on how tight it fits.

Knee sleeves work by providing graduated compression to encourage blood flow to the knee, reduce swelling and add support.

It will do the same thing whether you’re playing basketball, hiking, or sleeping. A great fitting knee sleeve for arthritis can feel good all day long. The only concern is if you are wearing a sleeve so tight that it tends to cut off the circulation.

And you should never do that, no matter how long you wear it.

Can I Wear Knee Sleeves to Bed?

person in bed with jogging shoes and knee sleeves
Sleeping in knee sleeves and jogging shoes keeps you ready to run

I have one knee with osteoarthritis that feels the best with a sleeve from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I am wearing it as I sit at my desk this moment.

If my knee is bothering me at night, I wear my knee sleeve to bed for a little relief.

It feels great in the office, around the house, and particularly good on my feet all day shopping with my wife.

I have no problem wearing it to bed and know that Orthopedic doctors often recommend wearing them at night pre and post surgeries.

I think using common sense is the answer to how long to wear them. If you see your feet turning blue you should know somethings wrong, right? 

Knee sleeves are usually a little tighter around the very top and bottom to help prevent sliding down your leg.

Sometimes this will be tight enough to leave a very slight indentation around my legs the same as my elastic socks. If it’s uncomfortable get a bigger size.

Advantages of Wearing Knee Sleeves

Fit is important for providing compression to the knee as a whole. The right fit helps to increase blood flow and circulation to and around the joints, muscles, and tendons. The fit also provides warmth that just feels good and stable. With the stability comes confidence that’s lacking in weak, injured, or recovering knees.

Athletes like to wear sleeves on their knees for protection from injury. The increased blood flow, warmth, added support, and stability is an aide to preventing blown Acls, PCls, MCls, and torn cartilage. Even though compression sleeves aren’t the same as braces for more serious injuries they are great for injury prevention.

I have no problems at all wearing my compression knee sleeves all day and even some nights. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how long I could get along without them.

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