I Found the Best Knee Sleeves for Running

Knee sleeves are the perfect companion to running. They go along way towards protecting your knees from injury during your runs. In fact, unless you’re running on knees that need medical attention, sleeves can keep you going on sore or arthritic knees.

However, finding the best knee sleeves for running can be confusing. That’s because different brands and different models are made for different purposes,and are not all made to run with. Not to mention that some are junk to start with.

Instead of displaying every knee sleeve I know about, I’m reviewing the 5 I’ve had the best success with for running.

1. UFlex Athletics Knee Sleeve

Even though every knee sleeve I’ve listed is comfortable and adds tremendous support and stability, UFlex is my favorite all-around product. It delivers moderate support which is what I like to run with. (Moderate is not nearly as rigid as something for powerlifting and not nearly as flimsy as a Tommy Copper.)

The 3D knitting makes UFlex Athletics Knee Sleeves extremely comfortable to wear and adds just the right amount of compression and elasticity. It’s got a double anti-slip band around the top for the best grip to keep it where you want it. The compression makes it a great choice if you’re suffering with or recovering from injuries or surgery. **Priced as one Sleeve.

2. Sable Knee Brace Support

Sable has a lot in common with UFlex when it comes to comfort and support. The knit material is very much the same and the compression level feels the same. It’s also a moderate support knee sleeve which is what most runners consider the best option. Never worry about slippage due to the dual silicone anti-slip design.

Sable Knee Sleeves – for Arthritis, ACL, Running, Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, Basketball and More Sports[/amalinkspro]

The cloth is very strong and durable allowing for plenty of mobility and compression at the same time. Because of the difference in design, there may be a small amount of bunching behind the knee, but that goes away as you run. *** Sable Sablee Knee Brace comes as a package of 2 and with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

3. Zensah Compression Knee Sleeves

The Ultimate in comfort! Really soft and made from Spandex and Nylon. If you like a little lighter weight sleeve Zensah is the pick of the crop. The cloth material is lighter and a little thinner than most Premium grade knee sleeves, but boy do they pack plenty of support.

Zensah Sleeves Deliver great compression, have no problem staying in place and are extra comfortable for runners. They are more popular every day for immediate pain relief and reducing swelling from a run and you can easily wear them under your clothing. ***Sold as Singles.

4. RiptGear Compression Knee Sleeve

RiptGear is a great and comfortable fit whether I’m running the streets, or standing on my feet all day. Even with the outstanding support, I feel as soon as I slip it on, it’s super flexible breathes well and fits my leg perfectly.

Because RiptGear Knee Sleeves are breathable and machine washable so you can wash them every day if you like. Fits my knee and leg perfectly with no sliding and moving around. Great for ACL,PCL(runners knee),MCL, Osteoarthritis, tears of the meniscus, and excellent stabilization. **Sold as One.

5. Rehband 3mm Neoprene Knee Support

Rehband is one of the best known names when it comes to knee sleeves. They make neoprene sleeves for the best support possible. They don’t breathe like other materials, but if you’re looking for a lot of support these 3mm sleeves are this runners choice.

The 3mm Rehband offers the most support and extra stability of any I’ve used. There’s all neoprene which gives them the utmost stability without losing any mobility of the knee joint. If you’re into long-distance running or need plenty of support and stability you’ll love Rehband Knee Sleeves . **Sold as one.

The Advantages of Knee Sleeves for Runners?

  • Compression. It all starts with compression that gently squeezes on your knee and surrounding areas. The compression comes from the elasticity of the material it’s made from, whether cloth or neoprene and serves several purposes.
  • Adds Support and Stability. Until you wear a knee sleeve it’s hard to describe the extra level of support and stability that comes from the compression. You can’t miss how much stronger your knee feels each time you wear it. With the constant and steady compression around your lower thigh , upper calf , and knee joint itself — your knee feels strong and is much more stable.
  • Increases Blood Flow. The compression factor of the knee sleeve causes increased blood flow to the entire area. The reason I like to stretch and start out running slow is to give my knee, muscles, and tendons a chance to warm up. Without that warming up I risk tearing and injuring muscles and tendons. The increased blood flow from the compression helps keep the joints, muscles, and tendons warm all the time, which can help prevent injuries.
  • Pain Relief. Most people are shocked at the degree of relief from pain and soreness that simply disappears when wearing a well fitting sleeve. I’m by no means suggesting you put off seeing a physician, and sometimes a knee brace is in order rather than a sleeve. On the other hand, I have one knee with severe arthritis that could stand a knee replacement. Instead of surgery, I am amazed that I can run several days a week with the aid of my own knee sleeves.
  • Reduces Swelling. If your knee tends to swell when you run or stand on your feet all day, compression sleeves will help reduce and disperse the normal swelling.
  • Prevents Injury. You do not need runners knee to take advantage of knee sleeves. The compression increased blood flow and added support and stability all work together to help prevent runner’s knee from the get-go. The term runner’s knee actually covers all the most common knee injuries and the best way to help prevent all of them is wearing sleeves on healthy knees when you run.
  • Faster Recovery. Each point I’ve listed above is advantageous when comes to a speedy recovery from common knee injuries or surgery including Meniscus tears, ACL, PCL, and MCL injuries.
  • Helps alleviate the customary minor aches and pains associated with running. Knee sleeves keep me from dealing with things like shin splints, muscle cramps, tendonitis, and more during a run.
  • Increases overall performance. You’ll simply won’t tire as easily or quickly because the compression increases blood flow which increases oxygen levels which increases energy levels.
  • Less fatigue from running. Besides the increased oxygen levels compression sleeves are holding your knee joint, muscles and tendons firmly in place. You’ll notice that there is less vibration through your joint from your foot striking the ground and your muscles won’t tire as quickly. (When you realize that, you’ll want a sleeve on both knees when you run.)

Runners all over the world agree that the best option for running with an unstable, unsure, sore, or painful knee is a knee sleeve. However, when it comes to protecting your knees against injury and upping your running game there’s nothing else to compare to wearing sleeves on your knees.

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